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It's not enough to have a website
Can your website be found, Is it Effective?
Does it work and do your clients like it?

Finally, the full scale trial of a new website for the Fareham Wine Cellar is underway. It has a nice secure shopping cart using Barclays ePDQ as a payment gateway so we have no worries about security of customer data. There is still a bit of fine-tuning to be done but it looks good and has got through my internal testing programs so now its time to see what the public thinks.

Your website may be attractive but do the search engines feel the same way? Their robotic crawlers are constantly on the move indexing pages but have no patience for design faults that make their job difficult and don't care what you were thinking when you created the content. It's also not about knowing the latest tricks to fool Google, which is a zero-sum game with huge penalties for breaking the rules, which are evolving day by day.

Its more about balancing design and content which takes time, effort and expertise, we can help you increase page rankings and generate traffic without necessarily requiring you to play catch-up. You won't need to monitor your competitors or constantly generate new content just get good at communicating what you have to offer. At Waveplus Systems ltd we will analyse your current site and offer common sense advice on how it can be improved while not diverting too much of your resources awaying from delivering the good customer service that your customers demand and need.

Effective, objectives-driven web development takes time, effort, and expertize. However, when proven techniques are put into practice, results will follow

Waveplus Systems ltd can provide you with an attractive and effective website where you manage the content but can do so without needing in depth technical expertise. We are constantly refining our designs and developing a portfolio of layouts that will run within an easy to use content management system. The management of website and web content requires increasing technical skill but we can help you understand what the analytics reports mean and how to prioritise changes for maximum return on the time invested.

Our content management system runs on the proven IBM Lotus Domino platform. This security rich environment offers a wide range of capabilities for website and other database driven business tools. Our websites are optimised for Google and are standards compliant so they look just as good in Firefox & Safari as they do in Internet Explorer.